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All you want to do is sell to people who want to buy from you. You want it to be easy all around for buyers, especially, but also for your warehouse and fulfillment people, your finance department, the people in marketing and for everyone who builds and maintains your ecommerce site. We get it. In fact, it’s all we think about.

It’s a simple process



directly into your cart with no hosted checkout for an experience that works on all devices.



globally with guaranteed pre-paid duties & taxes and low shipping rates.



global payments in local currencies with zero fraud



us parcels using your existing process then we’ll handle the paperwork and shipping, and provide tracking.



payment in U.S. Dollars from BorderJump.

So here’s the deal

International business is complicated when you view it as one huge mountain of rules and regulations covered in a cloud of uncertainty, unpredictable costs, and acronyms and words you don’t understand. When you narrow the context, it becomes a whole lot more manageable. Instead of thinking about connecting your store to the customers around the world, think about connecting your store to one customer in one country. We call him The Average Joe here. In Canada and Australia, he’s Joe Blow. Joe Bloggs in the UK, Max Mustermann in Germany and Joao da Silva in Brazil. Put yourself in his shoes and imagine what it’s like to find something online you want to buy but can’t. Joe Blow usually finds a mountain of rules and regulations covered in a cloud of uncertainty, unpredictable costs, and acronyms and words he doesn’t understand. Sound familiar?
BorderJump is built to eliminate the borders between you and Joe Blow. Joe is the inspiration for everything we do and all of the new things we’re building every day because we know that if we can make him happy, he’ll buy over and over and over again. And so will Joe Bloggs, Max Mustermann and Joao da Silva.

Meet Joe



Home: Toronto, Canada
Age: 32

My name is Joe. I work for a bank here in Toronto as a loan officer. It’s a good job for the most part and it lets my wife and new son have a comfortable life. I shop online all the time and have found a pretty consistent message on the websites…read more



Home: Melbourne, Australia
Age: 46

I’m Miles and I run a company that makes videos for athletes and musicians. I buy a lot of stuff from America, mostly because Australia has a really nice policy on importing from other countries. Even still, a lot of American websites won’t ship to me…read more



Home: Heidelberg, Germany
Age: 22

I am Erika, but my friends call me Lacheln, which is German for “smile.” I’m a student at the University studying economics so I spend a lot of my life thinking about money. When I buy online, I like to know that I’m paying a fair…read more



Home: Lima, Peru
Age: 29

For me, Juan, I shop online all day long. There are a lot of things I can not buy at home so when I find something I want, I’m going to buy it. Here in Peru, there are many ways to have things delivered but it is not so easy or reliable…read more